Planning To Outline Your Novel? Don't


If you’ve ever been to an author Q&A, you’ve heard the
question. You may have even asked it, been the very audience member to raise his
or her hand, stand up and say: “Did you know how your book would end before you

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Point of View: How to Assess and Strengthen Narrative Voice

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Many writers describe their narrators as “coming to them” in a distinct voice as they draft, rather than creating narrators through consideration of craft. This mysticism is part of the writing process and for many of us these are thrilling moments as a writer, when a voice “just comes” and we see where it takes us. Although it’s great to draft without wrestling too much with narration, clarifying point of view and the narrative voice are essential components of revision.

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The Art of the Last Line: How to Find Your Story’s Ending

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Identifying the end of a story is often one of the most difficult parts of writing. Sometimes writers are anxious to finish, other times we can’t bear to walk away from characters we’ve grown to love, and sometimes we’re still unsure how a story ends even as we’re wrapping it up. The ending of your story is nearly as important as the beginning.

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5 Tips on Writing Dialogue

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Strong dialogue often makes the difference between stories that catch an agent or editor’s eye and those that don’t. You want your dialogue to be among the best, which means you need it to be believable.

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Advice on Writing a Book from 5 Famous American Authors


The best advice on writing a book comes from those who
have written books that resonated with multiple generations. It’s difficult to
remember that these authors were not always infallible masters of the written
word, but writers who struggled as much as every other writer, and learned how
to get the most out of themselves. 

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Limits of Self-Editing

You know your book best, so why shouldn't you edit it yourself? Believe it or not, sometimes knowing your book too well can prevent you from actually seeing what's there. 

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Professional Editors vs Friends


You have a friend who reads constantly, so why shouldn't he edit your manuscript? What's the difference between him and a professional editor? They both read. They're both articulate. 

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A Guide to Copyediting Marks


 The first time you receive your copyedited manuscript, it can be intimidating. What do these weird marks strewn all over my beautifully typed pages mean?

Use the guide below as a reference for these mysterious copyediting marks.

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