A Map to Get Out of Writer's Block

If you're a writer, chances are you've experienced writer's block. The problem usually has to do with some intractable plot or character issue that feels like a rubik's cube with 7 different colors. Will it ever work or do you need to rethink the entire manuscript? Heaven forbid.

At this point, you're anxiously trying to remember all the different approaches to character or plot development. You know very well there's probably some creative solution to the problem. Unfortunately, if you're blocked, you usually can't remember any writing advice that could get the story flowing again.  

That's why we created the map. It's all the advice you need to remember when you're blocked, with some interesting extras. We started calling it the Map to Get Out of Writer's Block.  

Write on. 


Keeping Secrets: Building Suspense or Deceiving Your Reader?

As writers, we’re taught not to give everything away upfront. Cut the backstory, leave some work for your reader, and create tension. There’s a line between deceiving the reader and building suspense, but when is a secret a cornerstone of the plot, and when is it a gimmick? 


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That's a Beautiful Sentence. Cut it. 

As Georges Simenon edited his work, if he came across an especially beautiful sentence, he did something very odd. He cut it. “Every time I find such a thing in one of my novels it is to be cut,” 

What Discouraged, Young Writers Should Know

If you're not an established writer (and often even then), you've probably endured long stretches of grave doubt. It may come as a great surprise that it's precisely those discouraging times that prove you're a writer.