Why Your Freelance Editor (Probably) Won’t Recommend An Agent

One of the most common questions we receive at NY Book Editors is whether our editors will refer the authors they work with to literary agents. This question isn’t particular to NYBE of course; nearly all freelance editors are asked this at one point or another. And nearly always, the answer is…

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Writing Emotional Moments

Show, don’t tell, your character’s emotions

Writers long to elicit emotion from readers. We want them to laugh and cry, we want to pull from them the same emotions we feel as we read our favorite books. Unfortunately, emotion is one of the hardest things to write.

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Does the Shape of Your Plot Matter?

The essential components of great story structures weasel their way into even the most unorthodox forms. Understanding classic three-act structure could be the road map to strengthening your next story.

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The Submission Sweet Spot

 A strategy for being your own best submissions manager

Submitting your work to agents and literary magazines can be overwhelming. Initially, many writers go through periods of frenzied submitting followed by long periods of creating without attempting publication. This is seldom a productive approach, and usually results in an enormous amount of energy being poured into every high-pressure period of submitting.

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What’s on Your Writer’s Bookshelf?

We’ve selected some of the most helpful books on writing available. From advice on craft to process and the writing life, these respected authors deserve a spot on every writer’s bookshelf

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Writing Dynamic Characters: A Checklist

 We hear the term “dynamic characters” frequently in literary circles, but what does it mean, and how do you know if your characters are dynamic? Here’s a checklist of common attributes of successful protagonists and other primary character.

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