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  • Six-figure book deal at Ballantine Bantam Dell, Random House.

    “I got my dream editor. Andrea's sensitive to the work, but knows what to cut to make it sing. She's also a lovely, easy person to talk to, which helps when you're trying to get your arms around a rangy manuscript. And to top it all off, she makes every effort to get her editorial comments back quickly, a huge plus. I loved my time with NY Book Editors. The whole experience was a pleasure.” Martha Hall Kelly, The Rabbits of Ravensbruck

  • Six-figure deal at Harlequin, Movie rights represented by ICM. Read Alex's interview.

    “I am honest when I say there is absolutely no way I could have accomplished this dream without you. I was just raving about you again to my friend ... I loved my experience working with you -- it was the equivalent of a very expensive MFA.” – Alex Brunkhorst, The Homing Pigeons

  • Acquired by RosettaBooks. Read Wendy's interview about how she almost self-published. 

    "I loved working with Christine. She was great, and her help invaluable. I will definitely want to work with her again on my next book! I got a publishing deal (yay) last week, so book will hit bookstores, etc. May 3, 2016." – Wendy Simmons

  • Seven offers from agents, Six-figure deal at Razorbill/Penguin, Film rights sold to Paramount Pictures in a major deal.

    "My editor took the book to the next level, cut the fat, made sure it was pretty much perfect, which impressed agents ... You consider the writer, and which editor would be passionate about their work. I think that's really special and not normal. I'm a big fan of you guys."


  • iTunes #1 eBook Bestseller.

    "Kiele has a real intuitive sense when it comes to scoping out what works and what doesn’t with a manuscript. With her guidance I was able to turn my manuscript into the best version of itself and take it beyond the level of perfection that I thought was possible. I am extremely happy with the final product and I cannot wait to work with the very talented Kiele again!" – K.T. Edwards, Whatever Happened to Romance


  • Self-published, approached by publishers to acquire rights. Read her feature in the Wall Street Journal.

    "Maggie was wonderful and insightful … we're in a second round of submissions now [to publishers]." – Rachel Hulin, Hey Harry Hey Matilda 

  • Self-published Kindle Bestseller. Read her interview here.

    "I LOVED working with Angela. Her notes were incredibly thorough and helped make the book far better than it was." – Dete Meserve, Good Sam

  • "Daniel lifted the manuscript to a whole new level, without ever jeopardising my voice, which I appreciated very much. He understood the novel immediately and worked hard to bring out the best of it and smooth out the rough patches. The line editing was perfect. Sentences and dialogues were transformed fabulously." – Branka Valcic, The Lady of the Sea

  • Acquired by Pandamoon Publisher.

    "My editor was both gracious and professional, and his feedback on my novel was thoughtful, thorough, and supportive—everything I could ask for. I’m happy to report that a much-revised version of the book is going to be published later this year." – Randolph Splitter, The Ramadan Drummer

  • “Nobody picked up on any of the things that my editor did. Some of them I felt uncomfortable about myself and couldn’t put my finger on what was bothering me, so I got exactly what I had hoped to get, and I can’t thank you enough."

  • "Working with Jane and NY Book Editors helped me make sure the story I intended to write was the story that I actually wrote. You won’t get that just by passing it around your circle of friends. Jane was able to expose the weaker sections that needed more of my writing attention. With this guidance, NY Book Editors helped me confidently move forward in pursuit of my writing and publishing goals. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” – Bonnie Jean Feldkamp, Moving Mountains

  • “You are brilliant. I am overwhelmed and sincerely grateful for all you've done for this book.” – Slade Combs, The Choice

  • "There are a lot of book doctors out there who can just be so wrong for what I was trying to do. So I consider the fact that I discovered NY Book Editors a huge stroke of luck. They've been incredible, and I can say without a doubt that Balm is a much, much stronger book as a result.” – Marie Green McKeon, A Balm in Gilead

  • “My editor’s professionalism was first rate, and her insights were transformative for my manuscript. ” – Kristina Fernandez, Shades of Forgiveness

  • I wanted to thank you and NY Book Editors for the opportunity to work with you and Victoria. I am very pleased with the critique. I am absorbing everything she wrote. Victoria is full of suggestions and not just vague general ones but very specific ... Everyone's contribution at NYBE made my experience something I will rely upon as I become a better writer. It has been an exciting and inspiring journey.” – Nancy Hall, Tilted

  • “I’m enjoying Rakesh's thoughts and insights very much. I feel the book has strengthened by leaps and bounds.” – Albert Flynn DeSilver, Brooklyn, Wyoming

  • "You get the kind of people I could only get access to at a Big Five Publisher. I was matched with a professional editor with years of experience, who I couldn't get as a self-published author. She found my weaknesses as a writer. I'm excited about this new direction, excited about the work." – Randy Anderson, Careful