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I never would've found [my agent] if not for AGENT ALERT

"As a debut novelist, I found the process of finding the right agent overwhelming. There are so many agents out there. AGENT ALERT helped me prioritize and identify agents actively seeking manuscripts with links to their agency and personal websites, #MSWL, and other relevant information. One weekly alert featured a brand new agent actively seeking manuscripts that perfectly described mine and I queried her. She signed me less than a month later! We are currently in the revision process and I couldn't be happier. Because she had just been promoted to an agent, I never would've found her if not for AGENT ALERT."

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"I've just unsubscribed because I got an agent!! Because of this newsletter!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you"

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"I was just offered representation..."

"I was just offered representation from an agent I queried on your list! ... It doesn't seem real to me at all.

Your service is so valuable! Thanks for everything."

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