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Andy Meisenheimer

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Andy Meisenheimer is a former HarperCollins editor in both fiction and nonfiction, as well as a pianist, half-marathoner, and video gamer. They have also edited books for Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Hachette, and Amazon. They specialize in science fiction and fantasy, but works across genres, including espionage thrillers, memoir, self-help, horror, comedy, and contemporary fiction.

Andy has worked with bestselling authors Ann Voskamp, James Mills, Tracy Hickman, Noel Hynd, DeVon Franklin, and Frank Peretti. Additional noteworthy titles are Live It! by motivational speaker Jairek Robbins, The End Is Now, a critically acclaimed satire of religious fundamentalism by Rob Stennett, and Return Policy, a Nick-Hornby style comedy by Michael Snyder.

When it comes to fiction, Andy looks for stories with strong characters and vivid writing, and always pays special attention to dialogue due to their love of television and screenplays. Believing that a good plot is always character driven, they love to work on upmarket books that blend commercial appeal with strong writing and provocative themes.


Author Testimonials

"I have to admit that doing as Andy suggested was a revelation...Shifting exposition from dialog to narration allowed some things to be moved to completely different sections, which definitely improved the flow in critical scenes. Thanks so much for pairing us together -- he's a wonderful editor." - Kate Kosel, author of The Legacy of Mortal Gods (Sci-fi)

"I am really impressed with the work Andy has done, and I have learned a great deal from all the changes and suggestions that were made. His notes were clear and comprehensive, which has helped me build a much stronger story. The experience has been fantastic, and I look forward to working with Andy more." - Chad Queen, author of Phantom Pact (Sci-fi/Fantasy)

"I was able to finally get through all of Andy's notes and I couldn't be happier. Please thank Andy for all his hard work and thoughtful insights." - James Smith, author of James Grey and The Song of Fear (Fantasy)


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