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Angela Brown

Angela Brown

During her nearly two-decade-long career in publishing, she has edited more than 500 published books, including Blue Days, Black Nights, by Ron Nyswaner, Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Philadelphia. For seven years, she was an editor at Alyson Books in Los Angeles, where she spent three years as the company’s editor-in-chief.

Angela has edited many high-profile and award-winning titles, including New York Times bestselling novelist Teresa Mummert's Perfect Lie, Alia Luria's Compendium (winner of the 2015 Indie Excellence Award for Fantasy Fiction), Dete Meserve's Good Sam (number-one Amazon bestseller and winner of the 2013 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Award for Women's Fiction), bestselling thriller novelist Tom Kakonis's Treasure Coast, Chaz Bono’s The End of Innocence, two books by New York Times bestselling author Alison Bechdel, and five novels in Elizabeth Sims’s Lillian Byrd Crime Story series.

She’s been told she has a knack for making fiction the best it can be while retaining the author’s voice and style. In other words, she doesn’t change an author’s writing to suit her personal style; she lets the author’s voice shine through on each page. As one of her authors says, she helps push writing "over the brink of what's acceptable into the realm of what's extraordinary.”

Angela's favorite genres include mystery, science fiction, horror, fantasy, and literary fiction. Her select booklist and some testimonials can be found below.

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“Angela transformed my novels into novels that transformed me. Never did I expect such depth and dedication from my editor. She delivered in ways some authors can only dream of. Angela is the literary equivalent of an MRI. She sees everything, and she knows the ultimate diagnosis. And she’s a pure joy to work with. Welcome her into your manuscript with wide-open arms. You’ll not only get a great editor with brilliance and imagination—you'll also get a wonderful mentor. Plus, she's very funny.”
—Steven Cooper, author of "With You in Spirit," "Saving Valencia," and "Deadline"

"Angela spots the winners—novels and nonfiction books that have the potential for commercial success. She also guides authors in the rewriting process so that their books can achieve that high level of success. I consistently get my clients contracts with agents or publishers when Angela edits their books. Her manuscript analyses are more detailed than any editor I've ever worked with, and the guidance she provides authors is superb. My criteria is extremely high, and I consider Angela to be one of the best editors I've ever worked with. She receives my highest recommendation as a book professional."
—Randy Peyser, CEO, Author One Stop, Inc.

“While there's nothing fusty about her, Angela Brown is an old-fashioned editor who cares passionately about her writers and their work. Angela is shockproof, and she pushes her writers over the brink of what's acceptable into the realm of what's extraordinary.”
—Jane Summer, author of "The Silk Road"

“I've worked with Angela on five novels and have gotten to know her well. As far as I'm concerned, she's the best in the business, with everything you'd want in an editor: brains, common sense, tact, humor, and imagination. She has an excellent eye for detail and plot as well as a fantastic sense of what readers expect and should get. I recommend her without reservation.”
—Elizabeth Sims, author of the Lillian Byrd Crime Story series and "You've Got a Book in You: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams"

“Angela is amazing. She offers extraordinarily insightful comments and critiques with heart and professionalism. Her attention to detail is staggering, catching errors and inconsistencies in my book I wouldn’t have seen in a hundred read-throughs on my own. This doesn’t even touch the fantastic job she did in the edits. Her instincts are sound, and her suggestions are spot-on and incredibly valuable, giving you new perspectives on your writing and providing you the means to truly elevate your work. I’d work with her again without a second thought and recommend her to anyone looking for an editor.”
—Shawn Ketcherside, author of “Silicon Override”

"Angela Brown is the kind of editor an author needs. She strikes the perfect balance between investing in the story while remaining objective, respecting an author's voice while using her considerable skills to bring that voice up to the next level, and delivering pointed and constructive critiques regarding character, plot, and dialogue while being patient and kind. Angela truly wants to help you make your novel the best it can be. She will run down your typos, grammar issues, inconsistencies, and factual errors like a literary bloodhound, fixing them with brilliantly simple changes that will make you slap your forehead and wonder why you never thought of it. Angela's gentle, helpful criticisms and on-point editing helped me turn my manuscript into something I'm truly proud of, and she'll do the same for you." —Matt Kincade, author of "The Devil's Mouth"