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Meaghan Wagner

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Meaghan Wagner is a former editor from Penguin Random House and an amazing outfielder with a strong arm and a love of clutch situations. She is, however, a terrible bowler.

In her time at G.P. Putnam’s Sons, she honed her expertise across various genres, with a special focus on thrillers. Over her career, she has edited books as varied as her reading tastes, working with authors Thomas Sweterlitsch and Royce Prouty in sci-fi and horror, Mike Maden and Matthew Palmer in action and thriller, Ellen Meister and Shari Shattuck on general fiction with fun (and funny) female leads, and Eve Brown-Waite in narrative non-fiction. She even worked with some of the biggest names at Putnam, including Ridley Pearson and Robin Cook, as well as contributing to early works by Beatriz Williams and Ingrid Thoft.

Across genres, she loves a story with a strong narrative voice, full of character and personality. She refuses to use the term “women’s fiction” in anything but air quotes, and she will always apply the Bechdel test to your book and let you know if it passes.

With New York Book Editors, Meaghan is excited to to turn her sole editorial focus to working with authors, rather than spending her time managing interdepartmental relationships at a big publisher. Authors she’s worked with have described her as “creative and innovative,” and sensitive to their authorial styles. The solutions she presents to narrative sticking points are always well thought out and unique to your style and your story.

Meaghan's select booklist can be found below.