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Megan McKeever

Megan Mc Keever

Megan McKeever spent nearly a decade at Simon & Schuster, editing in the Pocket Books and Gallery Books imprints, and acquired and edited New York Times and USA Today bestsellers, as well as RITA winners.

During her time there, she edited women's fiction, romance, urban fantasy, new adult, young adult, medieval fiction, paranormal, urban fantasy, memoir, as well as celebrity books.

Megan is passionate about quality writing and stories and believes editing to be a collaboration between author and editor to produce the best book possible. Her extensive experience as an acquiring editor at Simon & Schuster gives her the insight into what attracts agents, publishers and readers. Each project will receive rigorous, sympathetic, honest edits and thoughtful feedback that will guide you to a compelling finished manuscript.

Megan's select booklist can be found below. Here are a couple of her recent reviews:

I used Megan's services for developmental editing. Megan has the ability to see plot holes that an author is too involved to see. She provides an in-depth editorial assessment along with substantial line editing. From her editorial assessment, I was able to learn of my own writing pitfalls that not only was I able to correct in my novel but I now aware to avoid in any future projects. I highly recommend her for new authors looking to discover their blind spots.

Barbara May, January 2020

Megan was an absolute pleasure to work with. I found her style to be very direct and helpful, which is what an author should want from an editor. Despite being direct in her developmental feedback of my manuscript, it was done in a manner such that the author wouldn't perceive it as anything other than helpful feedback. There were several key elements of the story that Megan identified as requiring more emphasis, all of which I know will make the story (and later books in the series) stronger. I highly recommend working with Megan and personally plan to work with her again.

Kevin Crowell, November 2019