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Zach Gajewski

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Over the past decade, Zach Gajewski has helped authors, editors, agents, and publishers create outstanding and award-winning books. He has collaborated with bestselling authors, former CEOs, world-renowned speakers, thought leaders, journalists, and first-time authors from a variety of backgrounds.

While an editor at McGraw-Hill, he worked on titles including Dave Kerpen’s New York Times and USA Today bestseller Likeable Social Media, Stan Hinden’s New York Times and Washington Post bestseller How to Retire Happy, and Monica Mehta’s Entrepreneurial Instinct, which was chosen as the 2013 “Small Business Book” by Small Business Trends.

As a full-time freelance editor, Zach has worked with a wide variety of authors such as New York Times bestsellers Debra Benton and James Rickards, author and speaker Scott Berkun, technology writer Jonathon Blum, sports psychologist Michael Bar-Eli, and musician and former record label owner Larry Livermore.

Zach's select booklist can be found below.