Trial Edit

A Trial Edit is a glance at the editor’s work.

It’s the best way to see what kind of feedback you can expect from your editor. It will also help you understand the elements of an edit.

A Trial Edit includes:

  • A 2,500 word read-through
  • A 1,500 word line edit
  • A brief memo with the editor’s thoughts
  • A 20 minute phone call.

The goal of an edit is to provide enough feedback to help you decide whether you’ve found the right editor. It will demonstrate the difference a top tier editor makes to a manuscript.

The fee for the Trial Edit is $165, which will be refunded if you feel it isn’t beneficial.

See an example of a line edit by reviewing the “Before & After” paragraphs below.

Before & After A Trial Edit

Test Edit After

These paragraphs are posted courtesy of Mary Yungeberg, author of Unholy Retribution